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Wild Turkey Crate
Melakie Stone

The turkey game was a good bit of prep without very much fun afterwards. I have a 4 1/2 year-old so he couldn’t do the numbers very well. And even when I tried to help him, it was very tiny and hard to get the) is to stay on. I loved the idea though. I never did the leaf activity because I bought it too late and there weren’t any colored leafs left in my area. We didn’t do the plastic leaf activity but I think it’s fun to own those now. So overall, it wasn’t as great of a container as I thought it would be for fun and learning.

Sugar and Spice Crate
Julia McConaghy
Our Grandchildren LOVED this Crate!

The Sugar and Spice Crate was one of our two and three year old grandchildren's favorites thus far. When they clicked on the lights for the game the first words were "WOW"...they played with it on a cold winter east coast day for several hours. Good job TTC on developing ongoing creative play activities for children. These crates stimulate their senses, curiosity and incents them to try new things.

3 Gift Crates
Andrea Brum-Oome
Fantastic subscription box for a 3 year old

We have been so happy with the tinkering toddler boxes we’ve received! I love that’s there’s multiple activities in each box and that they can be adapted for different stages of toddlerhood. The creativity and originality in each box theme has been amazing. It’s very clear a lot of thought and love has been put in developing these.

3 Gift Crates
J Abreo
So much fun and learning

This is our second year subscribing to tinkering toddler crates. And every year we get so many different ways to teach my kids with out crying. The sensory bins can be reuse for play after we are donewoth the lesson. Such a life saver. Can say enough about this crates.

Spooky Bugs Crate
Elin wittmer
So much fun!

My kids loved this crate. The moth craft was a fun way to learn about symmetry. My 4 year old and 1 year old loved the big toss game. These crates are well thought out and a great investment towards your toddlers education.

Wild Turkey Crate is Educational and Fun!

As soon as our Tinkering Toddler box arrived last week, my boys wanted to see what was inside. They had a great time on our fall color hunt, collecting the fall leaves 🍁 and flowers and making their turkeys, especially since it involved messy glue. My 4yo loved the Wild Turkey Race too and beat me fair and square the first time around. He was so proud of himself🙂. We will work on our Turkey Hideout this week but highly recommend this crate because it is educational and fun for all.

Spooky Bugs Crate
Abby Helenbrook
Spooky Bugs Crate is Fun!

My boys are enjoying the activities in the spooky bugs crate this month. The hungry spider game was a big hit. As soon as I hung it up on our basement wall they wanted to play. My 4 yo especially liked the rhyming bit. We worked on our spooky moths yesterday and they enjoyed squeezing the paint out onto the paper. Fun, fun, fun!

3 Gift Crates
Elin wittmer

These crates are awesome. We bought this and the kiwi crate at the same time and the tinkering toddler crate is way better. The materials are great quality and all the activities are well thought out. We will be buying these as gifts for Christmas. My kids are one and four.

My Body Crate
Abby Helenbrook
My Body Crate

The My Body crate was a fun and creative way to teach young tots about their bodies. Both of my boys loved coloring their body tracings, making a cool wind chime, and doing their feet paintings with flavored skittles mixes. I think the orange flavor might have been a favorite. We appreciate all the thought that goes into these boxes and look forward to our crates every month.

Happy Birthday Activity was a big hit!

My son Joshua loved playing with the birthday kit and serving up pretend purple ice cream with sprinkles and gummy bears. He also enjoyed the glitter and cotton ball ice cream cones. The glitter was a huge mess but he enjoyed making it and it was easy to clean up with a vacuum cleaner.

Great gift idea

I ordered two of these to give as birthday gifts for 3 year olds. They’re perfect gift ideas! Super great quality. Its really nice to be able to give a gift that isn’t “just another toy.”

3 Gift Crates
JoAnn Carchidi
Love these crates!

I have purchased several 3 crate gift sets for my 3 year old grandson and he loves them (his Mom does too!!!). Great crafts…perfect for toddlers…excellent customer service!

Under the sea

Loved all the activities for my 4 year old ! Directions were easy to follow and the supplies so neatly organized. My daughter loved the shark mouth catapult and the sea in a bottle. We will continue to use the number cards to reinforce skills. I love that they are on cardstock.
Next time I would remove some of the blue ink because the animals were a bit hard to see.
Happy to continue the program!

Colors of the Rainbow Crate
A one-stop shop!

The Color of the Rainbow Crate wasn't only enjoyable for me and my little one, it also gave him the opportunity to learn, practice skills and use his different senses. I love that the crate provided instructions and activity ideas that were family-friendly and easy to follow.

3 Gift Crates
Nicole Harris
Beep Boop Robot

As with all of the previous crates I have purchased, this crate includes three, well organized activities. The activities are all screen-free, hands-on, developmentally appropriate and engaging. My child appreciated the physical coding activity as she could follow directions with success, while also learning to give directions. Further, my child loved designing her own robot and seeing the variety of patterns/designs that the robot produced. My child delighted in making robots in the sand and exploring the endless opportunities to create with the different loose parts. Each activity is rigorous but approachable. I love how this crate (like all the others) helps instill a love of learning through play!

Some Bunny Loves You Crate
Melissa Stutzman
Great Holiday Fun!

This crate was perfect for Easter this year. We loved making the sensory bin jelly beans and it can be saved for next year. I love that we could share the craft with a friend. The egg hunt was a lot of fun. From making the eggs and bag to hunting for everything.

Some Bunny 🐰 Loves You!

My boys loved all the activities in this crate. The egg hunt was their favorite. We even have their bunny chalk paintings up on our mantle as part of our Easter decor. My 3 yo loved the jelly bean sensory bean as well and enjoyed doing the counting activity with his map.

Down on the Farm Crate
Theresa Burnett
Fun on the Farm was had by all!

We really enjoyed the balloon "herding" activity. I subbed out the tiny animals for some slightly larger ones for my younger child and had a great time for us all. We extended the fun by adding rice and beans to the corn. Great stuff! Farm Week turned in to Farm Month by finding a reading activity to match. Really gave a great jumping off point to add my own creativity too.

Fantastic Product

As a speech language pathologist, I love this item. It comes ready to play and eliminates planning and gathering supplies. There are multiple opportunities for language in each box and is an overall great developmental toy.

Happy mail :)

My son is always excited to get his monthly box in the mail (this is literally half of the fun for him!) The activities included are always so cute and different from the month before, and usually includes enough supplies for a sibling to join, or to do it more than once! As an elementary teacher, I love creating activities for my kids, but nothing beats having some sent directly to us with everything ready to go!

Critical Thinking and Inquiry Learning

I was a teacher for 7 years in various age groups and am amazed at how accurately she knows toddlers and their developmental stages and abilities. I did a ton of research about crates and subscription boxes before landing on this one. Most of the others were a one time build and then it gets left some where to be thrown away shortly after. We put the sensory boxes in little plastic bins so he can replay anytime he wants. There is also always materials leftover that we save for random crafts. I also have all the instruction books so I can buy the materials myself if I wanted to do anything of them over again. My son gets so excited when the box lands on our porch and wants to do everything in the box right away and he is not a crafty boy but loves their crafts! We have to pace ourselves and usually do the crafts on weekends to give plenty of creativity and cleaning time. We will be members for several years!

XOXO Crate
Hallie Bulkin
My kids love it!

The crate is developmentally appropriate for toddlers but both my kids aged 3 and 5 LOVE it! They are still playing with the items and projects that came in the crate over 1.5 weeks after receiving the crate. All the items needed are included and there is just so much jam packed in one crate! Fun for a whole month! :)

XOXO Crate
Caroline B.
OT Approved

Tinkering Toddler Crates reached out to me to review this crate (from an occupational therapist perspective), and I absolutely love it! This is the perfect subscription box to help foster growth, learning, development and creative play for toddlers. It is an amazing product!

XOXO Crate
engaging subscription kit to the kids as per the theme

we loved the kit. because it has sensory activities which helps the child to learn motor skills and numbers many more. the entire kit is based on the theme of this month - february

XOXO Crate
Best Subscription Box Ever!

We were absolutely blown away by our first box! Can’t wait to order more! This box included an AMAZING sensory bin, cute craft, plus materials for multiple games/activities with modifications for your child’s level. We also had a cute little bonus craft inside. The amount of engagement for each activity is spot on! Kept my 3 year old daughter entertained for days! I can see keeping many of these things in our play rotation for weeks to come! What I loved most as a parent is that every single material you will need is included, from the toys, markers, glue, even rice for the sensory bin. Makes it SO easy!! And the quality of each item is superior! Better than any art/play supplies you can find in local stores. 5 stars!!! Wish I could give more stars!