Now accepting NEW subscribers for the November Crate of the Month: Wild Turkey Crate! It will ship November 4th. Last day to subscribe is October 31st, 2019.



The three activities included are:

  1. WILD TURKEY RACE: Which wild turkey will make it to the finish line first?  Practice counting and simple addition using dice, connecting blocks, and a number line.
  2. MR. GOBBLE'S HIDEOUT: Save Mr. Gobble from ending up on a dinner table somewhere in the US.  Make pumpkin scented play dough to create your turkey, then build a hideout for him using the remaining play dough and loose parts.
  3. WILD TURKEY SENSORY CRAFT & FALL COLOR HUNT: Go on a fall color hunt in your neighborhood collecting various fall colored things found in nature.  Then create a beautiful, tactile turkey that will engage all of your senses (minus taste!).

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Common Subscription FAQ

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