Writing Love Notes with Toddlers

Writing Love Notes with a Toddler

The holidays, for many, represent a time to share their love through gifts.  For toddlers and preschoolers, they might not understand why all of a sudden they are getting gifts and might associate such holidays with gifts.  This may or may not be what you are intending, but one way to ground your children during this gift-giving frenzy is to have them write love notes to those that gave them a present, thanking them for their generosity. 

What?  You want my toddler to write?  Ok, ok, that most likely is not a reality, yet, but they can make a card, dictate to you a message, and attempt to write their name.  Looking for a simple idea of how to do this?  We used watercolor paper scraps and water-soluble wax pastels to make these beautiful heart cards. These pastels are really cool because they are like a 2-in-1 crayon.  Your child can color like they would with a regular crayon or they can color and then use a wet paintbrush to blend the colors.  They can even dip the pastel in water and then write with it to make a bold, smooth line. 

How to:

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Step 1: Cut watercolor paper into fourths.

Step 2:  Using water-soluble wax pastels, draw big hearts on each one in the color your child chooses.

Step 3: Have your child color them.

writing love notes with toddlers

Step 4: Use a paintbrush dipped in water to blend the colors or give a watercolor look.

writing love notes with toddlers

Step 5: Let dry.

writing love notes with toddlers

Step 6: Ask your child what they would like to say to ______ (the recipient).  Dictate verbatim what your child says.  Let your child sign their name.  Approximations are perfect and if they are little it might just be a scribble and that is fine too! 

Step 7: Mail cards to recipients.  

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