Turn This World Upside Down Process Art

MLK process art
"Mother Dear, one day I am going to turn this world upside down." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Every year on the third Monday in January we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. We recently read the biography written by his older sister, Christine King Farris called My Brother Martin.  Here is a link to this book read by the author.  It chronicles the childhood of MLK and what shaped his views of the world around him.

The quote above from MLK during his youth really resonated with us because while his most famous speech, the I Have a Dream speech was given much later in his life, his views on the world were rooted in his core from the time he was a young child.  King's words and actions are incredibly relevant, timeless and unfortunately, his dream has yet to come true. My hope is that we are raising our boys to be thinkers, dreamers, lovers, peace-makers, and earth-flippers.

To remind us of this, we decided to take this quote and make reminder that we all need to flip the world upside down.  Do you want to make one of these too?  Here is how:

Materials Used:

  • black scrapbook paper or cardstock 12x12"
  • paper plate
  • brown, blue, green paint
  • gallon zipper bag
  • glitter (optional)
  • quote
  • glue
  • photo of child with hands as if holding a ball (Easier with the older kids than the littles...see the no smile.  It was the only one not blurry!)
  • scissors
  • oil pastels (or crayons)

Upside down world MLK process art

1. Paint:  Put paper plate in the bag.  Squirt some of each paint color in the bag.  Seal and smoosh paint around to cover the whole plate.

Upside down world MLK process art

2. Dry:  Pull plate out of bag and let dry.  If you want to add glitter, add glitter when paint is wet.

Upside down world MLK process art

3. Photo: Cut out photo of child with hands raised above head and glue on black paper.

4. Glue: Shake paper plate in the trash to remove excess glitter. Glue Earth painting in child's hands.  Cut and glue quote to paper.

5. Draw:  Using the oil pastels or crayons, draw some squiggles that make you think of mixing things up and changing the way we view the world around us.

Give this a try and tag me in your posts! @tinkeringtoddlercrates

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