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Curiosity Leads to Learning

Posted by Lisa Prins on

Curiosity Leads to Learning


"Mom, where does my food go when I eat it?" 

This question posed to me during dinner a couple months ago, brought be back to my fifth grade teacher mode where I spontaneously dived deep into the digestive system and like Ms. Frizzle, I was giddy!  As I thought about this and how my 4.5 year old has become increasingly aware of his body and others' and how I have noticed an influx of questions about his body, my body, his baby brother, etc., I thought it was due time to tackle some of these questions.

Young children become ever increasingly aware of, and curious, about their growing bodies and start to ask alllllllll kinds of questions, usually at a time you wish they would be quiet!  Nevertheless, the My Body Crate was developed to help answer some of these questions in a play-based way.  In this crate your child will learn how to care for their teeth, build a model of their hand to see how the skeletal system works, and learn about the major organs in their body.  

I also found this great song about the bones in your hands.  Check it out! 

When you find that your child is interested in something or curious about it, cease that teachable moment, and your child is bound to learn and remember what he/she is learning about!

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    Outside Dimensions ( 48 L x 48 W x 48 H ")
    I.D. of 44.25 × 44.25 × 41.125
    Weight Capacity 3,000 lbs.
    Stacking Strength 9,000 lbs.
    WT. (LBS.) 118
    2×4 cleats and 3/8 plywood
    Heat Treated and Stamped for export shipment.
    3 runners that are 4 × 4 with a solid 2 × 6 deck for skid. The sides, ends and top are made from 3/8 plywood and 2 × 4 cleats.

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