5 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading WORDLESS Books to Your Child

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Wordless Books With Your Child
One may think that reading books without words is a waste of time, however much can be learned from such books.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be reading wordless books to your child:
1. Increases Child’s Attention to Detail
When there are no words being read to them, the child is forced to examine critically the pictures included and pay close attention to the details to know what is happening in the story.
2. Builds Child’s Vocabulary and Improves Child’s Language Development 
When “read” with an adult or more literate person, the child is able to learn new words and sentence structures based on what is happening in the picture. The adult reading with the child is there to prompt the child and provide the language model and/or support they may need to explain what is happening in the illustration.
3. Promotes Child’s Creativity and Use of Imagination to Tell Stories
When there are just pictures, the child is the story teller. They are able to use their imagination to create characters and story lines. 
4. Strengthens Child’s Understanding of Elements of Plot
Character development, plot development, and problem/solution are just a few of the elements of plot that children who create their own stories with adults gain by using wordless picture books
5. Builds Child’s  Self Esteem as a Reader
Preschoolers are notorious for saying that they can’t read. Not true at all! They can read the pictures better than most adults! So by them being able to tell the whole story, they build their self esteems.
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5 Wordless Books Worth Reading to Your Child
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